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How To Effectively Promote What You Are Pitching
[2009-06-22] Love this plea by BL Ochman to PR people: "Please take this quiz before you send out another press release or email pitch."

Promoting Your Brand Through Clever Techniques
[2009-06-12] It's not breaking news that the citizens of the Internet love some humor. It always excites, yet hardly amazes me when I see something start to spread around and go "hot" all at once. Friends send me videos, photos and blog posts that are hilarious, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. But the things that end up being the most humorous aren't necessarily tied to any one product or brand.

Effective Traffic Driving Techniques
[2009-06-01] I just spent 10 hours straight doing the design for (still waiting for the dns to update for my Host Gator switch, I'll post when the results are live). I figured that since I spent such an extended period of time actually being productive I would make a post about some of the "time fillers" that you can do to promote your blog when you don't feel like pumping out posts or articles.

Breathing New Life Into Press Releases
[2009-05-18] The press release is over 100 years old and for the most part, its evolution is mostly stagnant for the majority of its lifespan. However, the press release has evolved more in the last decade than it has over the century thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and most notably, the Social Web.

How To Use PPC To Attract Customers
[2009-05-04] When search engine marketing enters the conversation in PR circles and vice versa, it's usually search engine optimization, not pay per click that gets attention. However, there are numerous opportunities to use the on-demand visibility of Pay Per Click as a method to attract visitors to news related content.

Using Social Media Tools To Promote Yourself
[2009-04-20] Over a decade ago, Tom Peter's wrote a visionary article in Fast Company entitled The Brand Called You, where he laid out the then startling proposition that ordinary people could establish their own personal brands much like Fortune 500 companies and celebrities.

Stay On Guard When Promoting Your Site
[2009-04-06] This past Friday, I was chatting with a friend who just started working for a luxury brand consulting firm when she asked, "Do you Twitter? I'm just asking because it's THE new media." Oh no, I thought, it never ends.

Improving Promotion Relations With Bloggers
[2009-03-23] When the digital moms segment aired on the Today Show, I had over a dozen colleagues and clients email me to ask if I had seen it. It is clear that Mom bloggers have certainly reached the public mind in a way that excites many marketers.

Similarities Between PR and Construction Workers
[2009-03-10] While dodging building scaffolding and the NYC marketing exec commuters this morning, I had an epiphany.

SEO Promotion Helps Increase Your Site Traffic
[2009-03-02] One of the most important things to do is to keep it simple when you are trying to get them to understand how SEO helps their business. Here are the most important things you need to sell them on:

Is Link Building A PR Discipline?
[2009-02-16] Link Building is a discipline that has a ton in common with basic PR. While there are many important differences as well, both are focused on getting the word out about a business, and getting other people to embrace it. Once you understand how closely tied these are you begin to see why these important functions must work together.

Not All Publicity Is Made Equal
[2009-02-02] There's an old saying that any publicity is good publicity - but is it? True, a discussion about your company or business means that at least people are talking about you but is there a limit as to how far this should go and be accepted as a good thing?

Increasing Your Revenue During The Super Bowl
[2009-01-19] The Super Bowl is a huge event for both sporting fans and marketers alike. Every year the world's largest brands spend millions of dollars for a TV spot during the game which is one of the most watched events in the U.S.

Promoting Your Brand in The New Year
[2009-01-05] It's the first monday of the new year and even if you aren't usually a person to make new year's resolutions, chances are you are still thinking about doing things slightly differently in 2009 than you did in 2008. It's a new start and that's the beauty of the first few weeks in January. They are a time when you can swear off the mistakes of last year and choose to do things differently. It also presents a big opportunity for marketing. Here are three ways that you could use "resolution marketing" to position and promote your brand in the new year:

Promoting Your Brand On Twitter
[2008-12-15] But not the way you may be thinking. Many companies still don't get the power and influence of social media tools like Twitter; and simply use it to broadcast one-way-in-your-face-marketing messages.  I believe it's more effective when organizations empower their employees to use social media to engage in meaningful conversations. Intel (who I work for) just published social media guidelines for all employees who wish to participate; with authenticity, transparency, disclosure being at the forefront.

Combining Internet Promotion with Social Experience
[2008-12-01] The thing about internet marketing is that there is no "one right way" to solve a single problem. So much of the advice and commentary about content optimization for search engines at conferences and on blogs is tactical. Five tips for this and 10 ways to do that. We do it too, because people that are new or just dipping their toe into the stream of internet marketing knowledge need information packaged in an easy to understand and actionable format.

Promoting Your Business Through Social Media
[2008-11-10] "What sites do you use / recommend using to promote content (i.e. blogs, articles, etc.)? I'm re-tooling our business website and blog, and want to make sure I get the most effective (popular?) ones, along the lines of Technorati, Digg, etc. Your answers will help me pick the buttons I'll use..."

Concentrate on Quality over Quantity
[2008-10-27] There's an old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. This is equally true for businesses, particularly smaller ones. While it's essential to grow to continue early success, it's also important to keep realistic with your aims.

Start Promoting Your New Site Immediately
[2008-10-14] A few weeks ago I wrote about building your website from the ground up. This article did not dive into great detail on any specific topics, but rather touched on the key points you will want to address. In this article I will place most of the focus on the promotion aspect of this previous article.

The Risks Involved With Link Buying
[2008-10-06] There is a post over at Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan entitled "Conversation With An Idiot Link Broker".

Use Social Media to Brand Yourself
[2008-09-22] Whew, I know it has been a long time, but I am back with the next edition of How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Yourself as a Brand. This time, I'm going to help guide you to being the best at what you do and making sure others realize it, too.

Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Yourself
[2008-09-08] Congratulations! We're trucking right along on turning you into a Social Media Marketing success story, and you've already gotten through the hard part. Well, really, you've barely scratched the surface, but don't worry-it just gets more fun from here.

Using Directory Submissions to Promote Your Site
[2008-08-25] A few months ago I wrote an article about 13 ways a webmaster can go about building links to their site. One of these ways was through the use of directory submissions.

Promote Yourself as a Brand Using Social Media Marketing
[2008-08-12] Not everyone interested in Social Media Marketing is a big company or start-up business. There are a lot of freelancers, artists, and performers out there who can really get some great benefits from utilizing all that Social Media has to offer when it comes to marketing.

The Right Way to Promote Your Brand Stream
[2008-07-28] Wondering if those metrics on your web site mean that you are losing audience right and left, might not be that way, people might be getting information off your site in a different way, from RSS through Friend Feed, comments and conversations off your site on comment dumping systems like disqus, stumble upon, video on YouTube or Blip.TV, the problem isn't your web site, it is all the other social networking systems you have plugged that web site into.


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